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  • Homestead Detention Facility

    Homestead Detention Center For Immigrant Children Expected

    Company That Runs Homestead Migrant Kids Center Cancels Ipo

    Lobbying Firm Pitched Propaganda Video Idea For Homestead

    It Feels Like We Are Prisoners Migrant Children Describe

    This Empty Child Detention Center Costs Taxpayers 720 000 A Day

    Migrant Children Describe Life At Homestead Shelter

    Shut It Down Florida S Biggest Migrant Detention Facility

    Homestead Child Detention Center Is Now Empty Unitarian

    My Turn In Homestead Fla I Was A Witness To The

    Protestors Shine Light On Homestead Shelter Literally

    Scores Protest Outside Homestead Detention Center For Kids

    Teen Migrant Detention Facility Allows A Glimpse Inside Gate

    Elizabeth Warren Other Democrats Denied Access To Homestead

    Homestead Child Migrant Detention Center Job Ad Says Workers

    First Stop For Migrant Kids For Profit Detention Center

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